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briccardo 1cb53449a5
Merge branch 'master' of https://git.j4lp.space/chainsaw_mcginny/RoosterReWrite 2 years ago
Mike f984e7b0fe eos 2.33.0 3 years ago
Sergei Alexeyev 0d71bc5385 Merge pull request 'master' (#4) from chainsaw_mcginny/RoosterReWrite:master into master 3 years ago
Mike 7bbb2ca535 re-enable on_join messages for orgnc 3 years ago
Mike a791251bf2 update pyfa/eos to 2.30.0 3 years ago
sirgje 18168c80a7
Added a config option to enable/disable web interface 3 years ago
sirgje 33f17e52e9
Consistency 3 years ago
sirgje 471df81319
Added killstream websocket status and remove rooster specific stuff 3 years ago
Sergei Alexeyev 80733f1b2d Merge pull request 'Web ui merge' (#2) from ideas into master 3 years ago
Sergei Alexeyev 45943967a9 Merge branch 'master' into ideas 3 years ago
sirgje 839636e433
New navbar 3 years ago
sirgje d7edfd1648
Web ui renamed zkill to killstream 3 years ago
sirgje e8a2540d5f
Removed hard-coded url links 3 years ago
sirgje fdfa38335b
Logs page example 3 years ago
sirgje cbff8dd7fa
Added link to home page and changed logout button 3 years ago
sirgje dd732c76da
Web ui example integrating zkill killstream 3 years ago
sirgje 7a659319cd
Web ui bot label 3 years ago
sirgje d34ccb1619
Showing user/guild icons 3 years ago
sirgje 42bafe9f9a
Basic web ui auth (password) 3 years ago
sirgje fae5802abc
Added bootstrap 4 to Web ui, along w/ basic template/asset structure 3 years ago
sirgje 0685edba70
Initial web ui prototype 3 years ago
chainsaw_mcginny 396ba7fe29 Merge pull request 'some changes' (#30) from sirgje/RoosterReWrite:master into master 3 years ago
chainsaw_mcginny a8575f5928 Merge branch 'master' into master 3 years ago
Sergei Alexeyev 4baaf7952a Merge pull request 'ideas' (#1) from ideas into master 3 years ago
sirgje 3d74c3aed3
Tweaking minor coding style (unused imports, etc) 3 years ago
sirgje 77e213e306
basic idea of merging zkill/killstream (using common function to generate embeds -> less duplicated code) 3 years ago
sirgje 5dbf9f433b
Returning a better exception type 3 years ago
Mike 4130534950 update pyfa/eos to 2.28.1 3 years ago
sirgje ea8d3fd88d
!thera fixes 3 years ago
sirgje d5d1f5c8c8
giving an option to easily config redis host/port 3 years ago
sirgje eaa0108198
removing a bit of duplicate code 3 years ago
sirgje 025e575ac9
missing required package 3 years ago
Mike cfaabe75d8 escape the loop! (why is this a loop) 3 years ago
Mike 34868ed9f5 Route link to thera embed. 3 years ago
Mike 0608f50b42 Embedify route 3 years ago
Mike a4e997d4a9 Better feedback on leave and join 3 years ago
Mike 00af37eb2a Add max speed to eft info 3 years ago
Mike 9311e2cb15 Pyfa/Eos to 2.25.0 3 years ago
Mike c9f3e2b25a new zkill websocket address 3 years ago
Mike b25d13d074 Eos update to 2.24.1 3 years ago
Mike 9d882ff13f Use server nickname instead of username when announcing departures 3 years ago
Mike f8eff48b42 Compatibility for esipysi .10 3 years ago
Mike d866b63432 session invoke decorators for killwatch adding and removal 3 years ago
Mike 9609cc0ee6 No push is complete without a stupid typo 3 years ago
Mike b480459ff0 Pricing tool replacement based on ESI only sourcing 3 years ago
Mike a6dfefdfd4 Pyfa/Eos update to 2.21.0 3 years ago
Mike 0e76b05b69 properly call before and after invokes for each command group 3 years ago
Mike 6aed737dda some reminder tweaks to bring it back 3 years ago
Mike 8e26a5da7a Add a server list to the about cog because im curious 3 years ago
Mike 2557734157 esipysi update and compat changes (think i got it) 3 years ago