274 Commits (ea8d3fd88d2037fecc86debcbc76ff9a8a8b4f09)

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sirgje ea8d3fd88d
!thera fixes 3 years ago
sirgje d5d1f5c8c8
giving an option to easily config redis host/port 3 years ago
sirgje eaa0108198
removing a bit of duplicate code 3 years ago
sirgje 025e575ac9
missing required package 3 years ago
Mike cfaabe75d8 escape the loop! (why is this a loop) 3 years ago
Mike 34868ed9f5 Route link to thera embed. 3 years ago
Mike 0608f50b42 Embedify route 3 years ago
Mike a4e997d4a9 Better feedback on leave and join 3 years ago
Mike 00af37eb2a Add max speed to eft info 3 years ago
Mike 9311e2cb15 Pyfa/Eos to 2.25.0 3 years ago
Mike c9f3e2b25a new zkill websocket address 3 years ago
Mike b25d13d074 Eos update to 2.24.1 3 years ago
Mike 9d882ff13f Use server nickname instead of username when announcing departures 3 years ago
Mike f8eff48b42 Compatibility for esipysi .10 4 years ago
Mike d866b63432 session invoke decorators for killwatch adding and removal 4 years ago
Mike 9609cc0ee6 No push is complete without a stupid typo 4 years ago
Mike b480459ff0 Pricing tool replacement based on ESI only sourcing 4 years ago
Mike a6dfefdfd4 Pyfa/Eos update to 2.21.0 4 years ago
Mike 0e76b05b69 properly call before and after invokes for each command group 4 years ago
Mike 6aed737dda some reminder tweaks to bring it back 4 years ago
Mike 8e26a5da7a Add a server list to the about cog because im curious 4 years ago
Mike 2557734157 esipysi update and compat changes (think i got it) 4 years ago
Mike 4459ccc79a Clean up after ourselves if zkill is throwing a tantrum 4 years ago
Mike ff6e2d8ec7 Eos/Pyfa update to 2.20.3 4 years ago
Mike 9797263a11 Basic unit converter. Needs some love but does work. 4 years ago
Mike 9f820d49b0 dont suppress original zkill embed until we have our own to display 4 years ago
Mike 87f386849a don't freak out when zkill doesn't return any data, fuck you squizz 4 years ago
Mike cc2b255e16 dont error out if we have dps and no ammo loaded 4 years ago
Mike 887cf83b12 Move some eft related things into seperate files for sanity 4 years ago
Mike 079a4b149c turn off mods to calculate align time without siege/prop 4 years ago
Mike a5d61d9323 Eos/Pyfa update to 2.19.0 4 years ago
Mike 12165aea28 make zkill reports black 4 years ago
Mike 475be967c1 ha ha just kidding that only works with actual commands, now for real ignore dms 4 years ago
Mike 9001c2bea7 make kill intercepting guild only 4 years ago
Mike 82a9faa3af killid's are only digits so searchign for more causes problems with no spaces 4 years ago
Mike 1976039465 experimental zkill interceptor 4 years ago
Mike a0a32b57a2 Remove the SHAMEFUL and DREADFUL print debug line 4 years ago
chainsaw_mcginny 005ed24d9e Merge branch 'master' of sergei_alexeyev/RoosterReWrite into master 4 years ago
sirgje ceabd72505 !thera changes 4 years ago
sirgje d316de6374 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.j4lp.space/sergei_alexeyev/RoosterReWrite 4 years ago
sirgje 75d7f889d2 !thera changes 4 years ago
Mike 6813ee338a Proper error on bad system name 4 years ago
Mike 19cca47ed2 Pyfa/Eos update to 2.17.2 4 years ago
Mike 63f5b1c29b Pyfa/Eos update to 2.15.1 4 years ago
Mike 5aa708bcb3 Pyfa/Eos update to 2.14.0 4 years ago
Mike 6698aa1987 Don't try to show dps if no valid ammo candidates in cargo 4 years ago
Mike d6ca065884 pyfa eos update to 2.12.1 (October release) 4 years ago
Chainsaw McGinny a4482e3e07 remove uvloop 4 years ago
Mike 774730584e slow down our zkill calls to avoid making squizz angrier 4 years ago
Mike e1022bc9c5 stop trying to use the on_ready discord event to fire off pool connections, its bad and i should feel bad. 4 years ago