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Why would you block ads?

This project endorses the uBlock Origin manifesto, which states:

The user decides what web content is acceptable or not in their browser.


Blocks ads and annoying javascript-based fuckery.

  • It tries to not interfere with vanilla site functionality too much, only disabling ads and malicious code (lovingly referred to as "annoy adblockers" by the admin)
  • Works best when paired with uBlock Origin or Firefox's Tracking Protection in strict mode.

Quickly install it by clicking here

(make sure you have the latest version of Tampermonkey installed!)

Currently blocks

  • Ads (patreon, etc) and related popups
  • Links to donate page
  • Login popups


Tested with the latest version of Firefox and Chrome/Chromium. Currently only supports Tampermonkey!

License & other credits

  • Project icon made by Freepik from
  • Project license: BSD 2-Clause