The 4th or so re-imagining of the once crucial j4lp jabberbot.
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Rooster is a multifunction discord bot tailored specifically for eve-online corporations.


It preferrable that you invite my hosted version of rooster to your server with the !invite link, however if you must run your own local bot:


Python 3.6 or higher and the header files (generally python3.6-dev and/or libpython3.6-dev) are required (If you are on Ubuntu 16.04 or older, you may need to add a launchpad repository to your apt config to get these as they are not included in the the default repositories - example for python3.6 on xenial:

Redis (optional but really reccomended) redis-tools

These can be installed via your favorite (or not favorite) package manager apt-get install redis-server redis-tools python3.6 python3.6-dev build-essential


Copy to, edit appropriately.

create a pyvenv using python3.6 -m venv /path/to/venv/

activate your venv source /path/to/venve/bin/activate

make sure your pip is up to date: pip install pip --upgrade

install requirements based in requirements.txt to your venv pip install -r requirements.txt

then simply run python and enjoy.

Rooster is made with love for Fweddit and friends by Chainsaw McGinny.

Special thanks to Sergei Alexeyev for a baller api at (previously evehound) and for constant bugfixing and stress testing.